List rules and recommendations for users

1. The content of the mail must be sent in "plain text format"

2. The size of the mail must not exceed 40 kb

3. the number of recipients is limited (if additional recipients are entered in addition to the recipient "list", this can lead to problems)

4. Mail attachments are NOT allowed in principle; either insert in the mail text or send bilaterally

5. To log in to the list, the e-mail address and the name of the name are required

7. This information is necessary for the functioning of the list and will in no case be passed on by the list operators to third parties

8. An e-mail address like micky@maus.xy may be funny, but is rather inappropriate to contact

9. Everyone is expected to sign their mail with the clear name; a signature like Mickey Mouse is unfair to the other list participants; Last name in (brackets) signals: I agree with the address "you"

10. a short idea (surnames, places) is desired but not required; helps to make contacts and share data

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